A series of stationery which are produced to provide a good quality with a reasonable price for people in the whole world. This product can be used both for home use and business use, as it is simply designed and has a soft impression.

CL:MUJI/ Size: W21×D91×H42mm / Photo: shuntaro (bird and insect ltd.) / 2015 /
2-4-6 Yahiro Sumida-ku Tokyo 131-0041 Japan
關 博旨/Hiroshi Seki
Born in Osaka in 1978. Studied abroad at Designskole in Copenhagen while studying at Kyoto Institute of Technology.
Completed graduate school of Kyoto Institute of Technology in 2004.
Established Seki Design Lab., after working at TOCLAS (formerly YAMAHA LIVINGTEC CORPORATION).
He have been worked as a designer and director of MUJI until 2021.
He does design to find out a new possibility of construction and function of things or peculiarity of materials, by having doubts about the common things, and taking cues from tools and commodity goods which are found in many countries.