2016.07.20Stone door stopper

I saw this door stopper in Milan.
It seems to be hand-made.
A ordinary handle is put on a stone.
But because of that, the texture and character of
both stone and handle stand out curiously.
It made me perceive the value of existing objects again.

2016.05.31flexible lighter

I found this lighter at the drug store in Prague.
It is very rarely seen Japan.
This told me that the ignition part does not need to be fixed,
because the gas for the fire is flexible.
Above all, it is useful.

2016.03.31A lid with cutlery

This is the lid for the salad sold in a supermarket in London.
May be this is ordinal thing in UK.
It has well considered structure with making use of the property of the material.


I found this mysterious object at an antique shop in London which I dropped in when I was a student.
Two wooden pieces are attached to a stick and can be rotated.
These pieces link as if they are bumping to each others, but they never do. This movement looks like somekind of engie,
and I imagine that it might be a archetype of some toy. But I still don’t know the answer.

Please let me know if you know what it is.
→ Finally, it became clear.
It is device designed by Archimedes for describing ellipses,
but it is also commonly made as a toy, known as a “Do Nothing Machine”.
Thank you for the information.
Trammel of Archimedes

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關 博旨/Hiroshi Seki
Born in Osaka in 1978. Studied abroad at Designskole in Copenhagen while studying at Kyoto Institute of Technology.
Completed graduate school of Kyoto Institute of Technology in 2004.
Established Seki Design Lab., after working at TOCLAS (formerly YAMAHA LIVINGTEC CORPORATION).
He have been worked as a designer and director of MUJI until 2021.
He does design to find out a new possibility of construction and function of things or peculiarity of materials, by having doubts about the common things, and taking cues from tools and commodity goods which are found in many countries.